Customer Cases for Tungsten carbide button, DTH hammer carbide inserts, tungsten carbide tip


Customer Cases

  Hao carbide co., ltd received inquire from one of the largest companies in Austrial on July 2015 who producing DTH bits. attached drawings and details technical specifications, special emphasized make sure that the axis of the spherical dome at top of carbide, the axis of chamfer and the axis of the outer diameter of the button should coincide. There should not be any misalignment of the axis, and finished grinding.

Before sent offer i find our engineers to discussed about this inquire,found that best solution and then reply customer about our questions,after know more details and solved all of question,we provided our best offer for customer,and then we started samples order, in order to make customer feel safe i sent the information about manufacturing process every day.

When the customer received our samples, they fell very satisfied about package,as consider that convenient for customer to take out and safe we used box + carton+pallet.but the most important about the quality of tungsten carbide buttons,as before they purchase it from Zi Gong, the products performance was unstable.

But luckily to say that customer replied us,they are very surprised about our quality, as the performs of hardness and bending strength was very very good, and  products surface was normal wear after long time work, the length of drilling can reach to 2900 feet, They place an order immediately after test the samples.

And now we have been working together for two years ,and our customer also expanded new factory to satisfy demand of their customer last year. We are looking forward to that choose Hao Carbide, you will attain a bigger market than now.


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